Doesn't matter why you are visiting Poland, you need a place to stay!

Erasmus exchange? Part-time studies? Internship or temporary job? No matter what is your reason to come to Poland, you need a place to stay!

Arrival to the unknown city is always stressful. Looking for the accommodation on your own and going through thousands of ads in the newspapers or on the Internet (almost all of them in Polish!) is not the easiest thing to do, as well as, handling negotiations with the landlords and signing the agreement in the foreign language. Let us take care of it!

HC Housing Corporation provides accommodation for young people and students who attend universities and other higher education institutions in Warsaw.

We offer fully-furnished rooms in a private flats, with all the indispensable facilities and in very convenient locations: nearby the campus. In order to make our tenants’ stay trouble-free and let them fully enjoy the beautiful time of exchange, we take care of the accommodation issues. Our guests do not have to worry about the furniture, access to the kitchen and bathroom or any technical problems and formal issues. From the very first day of their arrival they can have a good time and do not worry about where to stay.

We cooperate with number of departments at Warsaw University and with other educational institutions. We have already prepared rooms for students and stuff from different faculties. You can familiarize with our offer and book a room here.

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